CRUSH founder Jill Shaw has grown up in nature, surfing around the world’s coastlines, and has a strong affinity with the natural world. At CRUSH we believe in slow fashion. Effortless, contemporary styles woven in a superior natural material, that will accompany our CRUSH tribe on their adventures for a lifetime and beyond. Made in a responsible and considered way that limits harm to the environment and its inhabitants. With the exception of our CORE collection, every CRUSH style x colourway is produced in limited quantities. 


Sustainability & responsible practice has always been at the heart of the CRUSH story. We are proud to work with a fully traceable, vertically-integrated supply chain from goat to garment.

From the beginning we have been in partnership with the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA), who offer a holistic and globally-recognized standard that addresses the key sustainability and welfare issues related to cashmere production and provides assurance for ‘responsibly-produced cashmere’. The SFA works to ensure a fairer and more sustainable cashmere supply chain from goat to garment - minimizing the environmental impact of cashmere, safeguarding herder livelihoods and ensuring animal welfare.

CRUSH cashmere fibers are harvested by a local herding community in Mongolia with high animal welfare standards and a responsible land management approach. Through the SFA, we support our herder communities to ensure the security of their traditional, nomadic livelihoods now and into the future. 

Our garments are crafted across the border in China. Our chosen factory is a cashmere production specialist with a vertically integrated supply chain - this means that the entire process of cashmere garment production, from the processing of the yarns to the knitting of the finished pieces takes place under one roof. This drastically reduces our cashmere waste and carbon emissions, whilst allowing us to ensure the welfare of our factory teams.


CRUSH pieces are made from pure Grade A Mongolian Cashmere and high quality cashmere silk & cotton blends. Known for its luxurious softness, lightness, warmth and breathability, cashmere is also an all-natural fiber which completely bio-degrades leaving no trace on the planet - completely avoiding the microplastics released by synthetic materials. 

Due to the lengthy winter season in Mongolia, Mongolian cashmere hairs are on average 20% longer than those sourced from any other region. Longer hairs means the cashmere yarn can be made both softer and stronger. This ensures every CRUSH garment is of a superior strength and softness within the global cashmere market, and will be a long-standing staple in our customer’s closets. 


Every CRUSH color is a unique custom-dye blend selected by Jill and our Design Team - nothing off the shelf. We only use ISO accredited high-quality European dyes which are gentle to skin, and imbue our cashmere with a vibrant depth of color which never fades away. 


We believe that all animals, domestic and wild, should be treated with kindness, compassion and respect - this is reflected in the high animal welfare standards of the Mongolian Herding Community who source our cashmere. The familial relationship between traditional Mongolian herding communities and their goats is a way of life, passed down over generations. Cashmere Goats are essential to a Mongolian herder’s livelihood - and our herder community treasures them accordingly. We are working towards every member of our herding community being certified with an animal welfare certificate regulated by the SFA which ensures the wellbeing of every goat. 

Mongolian goats grow a long coat to protect against the long and harsh winters which molts naturally in the spring. When this annual process begins, each goat is individually and gently combed by hand to secure the cashmere raw material that would otherwise simply fall to the ground. No electricity of shearing is used in this process. 


Our packaging is currently 90% recycled and completely recyclable.  We are working on the final 10% with the aim for our packaging to be 100% recycled, recyclable and/or compostable. This is combined with efforts to educate our customers and community to ensure they dispose of our packing responsibly.