From goat to garment, we know our supply chain inside out - so trust us when we tell you your C~RUSH cashmere knitwear is of the highest quality. However, aligned with our commitment to a slow(er) & kinder fashion, we also want your C~RUSH to be able to accompany you on your adventures for a lifetime & beyond.

With a feel so soft you’ll never want to take it off, our cashmere & blend knits are a joy to wear - and if you pay attention to our expert care advice (checked & verified by our expert garment technologist!), you can keep your C~RUSH as clean & fresh as the day you met. Please always adhere to the specific care label instructions relevant to your garment.

First things first, it is important to note that you do not need to wash your C~RUSH knits after each wear. A light steam with a hand-held garment steamer or ‘airing’ your cashmere by an open window can be enough for a quick refresh if needed. If you are ready to treat your C~RUSH to a bath, then read on…


You can hand wash the majority of our cashmere & blend knits. Add 1-2 capfuls of non-biological detergent to a bowl of cold water, and gently soak your C~RUSH for five minutes. Rinse garment in cold water and lay flat to dry.


The superior, long cashmere fibers used in the creation of our cashmere & blend knits makes them extra stable in their construction - and in most cases suitable for a ‘gentle’ wash in the machine. If you plan to put your C~RUSH in a spin, please note the below guidelines and adhere to the specific care label on the inside of your garment. For stains or more substantial cleaning requirements, we do recommend using a dry-clean service.

1. BLOCK COLOR CASHMERE ONLY - we do not recommend putting your tie dye or any multi-color C~RUSH knits in the machine.

2. Maximum 30 degrees on the gentlest spin cycle your machine offers (Often this is a ‘delicates’ or ‘wool’ cycle option with a reduced spin speed of 600RPM maximum). You can also machine wash your C~RUSH cold for a light refresh. 


3. Use a non-biological or specific cashmere laundry detergent - this is one of our absolute faves: Cashmere & Wool Laundry Detergent 500ml – The Lab Co. (All natural ingredients and zero harsh chemicals). 

4. We recommend machine-washing your C~RUSH knits individually (or max two together if they are of similar colors!)


Lay your C~RUSH flat on a clean towel, and gently roll the towel & the garment together to press out any excess water. Open your towel/cashmere roll back up and lay flat to air-dry, gently teasing out any creases. (Please do not hang to ensure your C~RUSH does not stretch when wet - you’ll be sad if she does!)


Whilst often the brightest knit around, your C~RUSH (and most cashmere around) actually loves to be stored in a cool, dark space. Fold, rather than hang, to maintain optimum shape. 

You can wear your C~RSUH all year round - however for longer periods of storage we recommend storing your cashmere in a dedicated garment bag.


Pilling is when tiny balls of hair form on the surface of a knitted garment. The longer the fibers used in the construction of a cashmere garment, the less it is prone to pilling, so you are pretty safe with your C~RUSH. However we do recommend gently ‘combing’ your cashmere with a dedicated cashmere comb every so often to refresh your knit and avoid the accumulation of pilling. 

Any questions about how to care for your C~RUSH? You can reach our team via our dedicated contact form here