From goat to garment, we know our supply chain inside out - so trust us when we tell you your C~RUSH knit is of the highest quality. However, aligned with our commitment to a slow(er) & kinder fashion, we also want your C~RUSH to be able to accompany you on your adventures for a lifetime & beyond. With a feel so soft you’ll never want to take it off, our cashmere & blend knits are a joy to wear - and if you pay attention to our expert care advice (checked & verified by our expert garment technologist!), you can keep your C~RUSH as clean & fresh as the day you met. Please always adhere to the specific care label instructions relevant to your garment. 

First things first, it is important to note that you do not need to wash your C~RUSH knits after each wear. A light steam with a hand-held garment steamer or ‘airing’ your cashmere by an open window can be enough for a quick refresh if needed. If you are ready to treat your C~RUSH to a bath, then read on…


Responsible practice has been a core C~RUSH value from the beginning. We only partner with vertically integrated & responsibility certified cashmere manufacturing facilities where our entire garments are knitted, dyed, finished & packaged in one location. This all-in-one approach to manufacturing limits both waste & carbon emissions, whilst ensuring the social welfare of our garment makers.

Our long-haired cashmere fibers are harvested by traditional, nomadic herding communities in Inner Mongolia with high animal welfare standards and a responsible approach to land management.

Having previously been a member of the SUSTAINABLE FIBRE ALLIANCE, we are in the process of auditing our entire supply chain from goat to garment, in alignment with the GOOD CASHMERE STANDARD - an independent certification in association with the Aid for Trade foundation with stands for sustainably certified cashmere from farms where goats are treated responsibly, where the environment is protected, and the social, ecological, and economic living conditions of cashmere farmers and their families are respected.


Every C~RUSH garment is crafted from 100% cashmere sourced from Inner Mongolia – and we only use the longest, finest & whitest hairs around. Grade A cashmere is less prone to pilling than lower quality B,C or D standards of cashmere yarn (though like any luxury knitwear, an occasional ‘de-pilling’ with a quality cashmere comb will keep your C~RUSH garment at its very best). The quality of our craftsmanship means you can also machine wash your C~RUSH on your most delicate cycle at 0 degrees. You can find out more about how to care for your C~RUSH on our care lab here.

Cashmere is a luxury natural fiber, known for an unrivaled softness, warmth & breathability, whilst having the potential to biodegrade completely - leaving no trace on the planet and avoiding the microplastics released by synthetic materials. Our signature cashmere knits are crafted in what is known as 2 ply cashmere yarn - a luxuriously light texture designed for all seasons, with all of the warmth and none of the weight.


C~RUSH is a story of color ~ we’ve used bespoke, custom-dyes only from the beginning, imagined, dipped & developed by our design team - nothing off the shelf. Our dyes are OEKO-TEX 100 certified - gentle to people & the environment whilst infusing our cashmere with a vibrant rush of color. From our super-soft neutrals to our popping brights.


Our packaging is 90% recycled and 100% recyclable. This is combined with efforts to educate our customers and community to ensure they dispose of their C~RUSH packing responsibly.

WHAT’S ON THE HORIZON (It’s closer than you think)​

1. Good Cashmere Standard membership by our AW25 season to ensure audited sustainability of our supply chain from Goat to Garment.

2. To ensure all packaging & printed materials complies with EU recycling standards.​

3. Recycling of all cashmere waste and educating our customers how to repair and take care of their cashmere for maximum longevity.

4. Comprehensive analysis of our and all our partners` carbon footprint to aid with actionable steps to reduce our emissions.

5. Continued contribution of resources & donations to charities and causes close to the hearts of our team.​

6. To be fully transparent in what we do and don`t (yet) do. We are not there yet and have many improvements to make, we believe by sharing the full picture, we can only learn and grow to become better.